Animals make great models!

Animals are best subjects for photography for various reasons: One, They never pose (cats are exception!). Two, They don’t ask to show preview after every click. For a photographer, they present immense┬ávariety in style, composure, and expressions that a human model can┬ánever match.

Animal photography is a type which doesn’t require one to be a pro. With little understanding of animal behavior and lots of patience anyone can make good pictures.

An affordable, safe, and convenient location for animal photography is your nearest Zoological park.

Some useful tips before going to Zoo for photography are given below:

  1. Check weather. Its preferable to go in cloudy or cool weather.
  2. Take only one zoom lens with you. Try to be light and fast.
  3. Lens hood to prevent scratches on lens from fences.
  4. NEVER use flash. It irritates animals and can be dangerous.
  5. Always make sure that you are at safe distance.
  6. Search for different angles and composition.
  7. Never shoot standing among the crowd. Doing so might damage your lens.
  8. Try to predict the next move of your subject.
  9. Getting best pictures might take lot of time. Come prepared with lots of patience.
  10. Try to go alone or with photographer friends to avoid distraction.

These are some of my photographs from a recent trip to Zoo in Hyderabad.

Lioness yawn

Hippopotamus Yawning

Lioness water play




White Bengal Tiger

Feel free to share and download the images for wallpapers.

– Khalid Khan